Shanghai Electric Greets Overseas Employees and Re-deploys Pandemic Controls
2021/01/12  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

As 2020 is winding down, Zheng Jianhua, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Electric Group, sent new year’s greetings to all overseas employees, and give instructions on pandemic controls at overseas sites.

Currently, global pandemic situation is still alarming: while the so-called “herd immunity” policy in some countries has led to surging ed cases, new variants of COVID-19 reported abroad have drastically increased transmission risks. Under this context, group executives send the greetings from the party and the company to overseas colleagues in the difficult time. Zheng wished all overseas employees a healthy, successful and happy new year of 2021. He said: "2020 was a truly eventful year. I would like to thank all overseas colleagues for your hard work and contributions to our growth in overseas markets, and to the goals of ‘3-step’ strategy. As the pandemic continues to deteriorate, all colleagues should take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and our sites, by adhering to the pandemic control rules of local embassies and consulates and the group. I wish all of you could return home healthy and safe."

After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the management of Shanghai Electric timely re-aligned their priorities, and built a complete pandemic control system. Meanwhile, an Overseas Operation Pandemic Emergency Response Leadership Team headed by group executives was also pull together to monitor overseas pandemic situation and oversee pandemic controls.

Several guidelines were developed, including “1+3 Overseas Pandemic Control Guideline”, “1+5 Pandemic Control Guideline for Sub-contractors”, “Rules for Implementation of Pandemic Control Guidelines for Returnees During the Pandemic”, and “Basic Rules of Pandemic Control for International Business Travelers During the Pandemic". Overseas Pandemic Control Video Conferences were held on a weekly basis for point-to-point case analysis and emergency response guidance to related industry groups and overseas sites. In addition to a collection of pandemic-themed posters, cartoons, banners and videos, the Group also issued a “Notice on Strengthening Employee Care at Overseas Sites During the Pandemic” to improve employee care. Besides, Shanghai Electric has been actively cooperating with Shanghai SASAC and CDC on coordinating pandemic control resources and medical supplies exports, overseas project staffing, government charters and vaccination for international business travelers.