Leading the Digital Upgrade of “Centennial Brands"
2021/01/05  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Dec. 28, 2020 - This morning, Shanghai Renmin Electrical Apparatus Works (SREAW) today inaugurated a digital production line, the Phase I of its Intelligent Manufacturing Program. Huang Ou, Deputy Party Secretary and President, Shanghai Electric Group, pushed the start button on the ceremony and signed on the first product.

On behalf of Shanghai Electric, Huang congratulated SREAW on the inauguration of the digital production line, applauding it as "the finishing touch to a successful year of 2020, and an important step forward on the digital transformation journey of Shanghai Electric in 2021." Digital transformation was a natural stepping stone to “high-quality growth”. That was why Shanghai Electric was focused on the “Industrial Triangle” ecosystem of Smart Equipment, Industrial Internet and Smart Supply Chain to connect with users with Smart Equipment; provide software subscription, O&M optimization, equipment rental and asset custody through Industrial Internet; and to create values in the full life cycle for our customers through Smart Supply Chain.


A vital part of Shanghai Electric’s digital transformation initiative, and one of the first Intelligent Manufacturing Demo Programs, the successful inauguration of SREAW’s digital production line not only provided expertise and experience to the digital transformation of Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group, but also offered application scenarios to facilitate the development of “as-service” and “as-product” capabilities of Shanghai Electric Automation Group and Shanghai Electric Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Huang said, 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of CPC. As a “centennial brand”, how could SREAW leverage the development opportunities in the new era to gain competitive advantage, revive national brands and shape our business’ continued success? Digitalization offered an answer. From R&D to delivery and services, digital technologies must be embedded in every step, every process, and every product, equipment, facilities and operation system to support decisions, drive businesses and optimize operations. It was imperative for SREAW to meet or exceed the highest international standards on quality, and leverage the opportunities of mixed ownership reform and digital production line inauguration to build it into an example of contemporary intelligent factory.

Huang emphasized that, “innovation is the only answer to the future of high-end equipment manufacturing industry”. He said: “In the digital transformation journey, we must be focused on product and business model innovations. Only through reform and innovation can we add more momentum to the ‘high-quality growth’ of the Group, and make greater contributions to the goals of Shanghai Electric’s ‘3-Step’ strategy.”

Yang Hong, Vice President, Shanghai Electric Group; Zhang Mingjie, Chief Investment Officer and Industrial Development Department, Shanghai Electric Group; and other executives of Group Office, Science and Technology Management Department, Digital and Information Management Department, Industrial Development Department, Market Development Department, Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group, Shanghai Electric Automation Group and Shanghai Electric Digital Technology Co., Ltd., were also present at the ceremony.